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Shamanism | Light Code Activations | Priestess Attunements

Somatic Emotional Release | Vibrational Therapy

Shardai Imanara Moon

Keeper of the Chrism

Shamanism | Sound Therapy | Priestess Attunements

Shardai is a vessel for the golden light of the Divine Mother to pour her graces upon you. She anchors the energies of the Sacred Feminine, as it reharmonizes with the Sacred Masculine on this Earth plane. She channels the energetic frequencies of the entire Rose Lineage of Ascended Masters, as they reside in the Heavens and on Earth.

As a Soul Alchemist, she brings her clients back into alignment with their Sacred Center of power and truth–liberating them from unnecessary bondages or suffering on this physical plane. Her gentle yet powerful approach ensures you are well-guided on your journey of becoming.

Odara Rose

Keeper of the Sacred Heart

Craniosacral | Somatic Emotional Release | Soul Whispering

Odara is a pure channel of truth. She ignites the spark of love within you. As a Soul whisperer, she speaks back to you your healing stories, in languages your Soul can understand. She holds an overflowing chalice of blessing that reigns upon you. Using the alchemy of energy, intention, and power, she is your Divine advocate.

Odara is a fierce protectress of the Sacred. She calls your entire being into alignment with authority and precision. If you are ready to blast through the constraints of the past and take your seat of sovereignty, she is your guide.

Rani Marie Maez

Keeper of the Stars

Light Codes Activation

Rani is a pristine channel for the truth of your own Divinity to be awakened within you. As a naturally-born intuitive, she is especially gifted at tuning into the subtleties of your body, spirit, and mind.

Through her own humble connection with our star origins, she showers you with Heaven's grace, and opens up your own pathway to the stars. Through her loving connection with the Earth, she calls forth the ancient memories of who you truly are. Through translating healing energy into spoken word, she opens and unlocks the symphony of light lying hidden within your very cells. 

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