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Rose Priestess

Mystery School

Love | Remembrance | Sisterhood

Who is a Priestess?

Amongst many things, A Priestess is one who holds the transition from death to life, and is thusly a powerful guide for our global transition of consciousness at this time. It is She who anoints and honors what needs to die, and midwifes what is to be born next.

As a historical figure, Priestesses were the women who served within the Temple gates, anchoring Divine wisdom and allyship through ritual service, and providing spiritual leadership to their people. Historically they have had many faces...from the Druidic Priestesses of Avalon, to the Egyptian Priestess of Isis, to the enchanting Priestesses of Yoruba... A High Priestess  would serve her office not only as a spiritual wisdom keeper, but as an esteemed political leader. With the fall of the Goddess cultures, and the rise of patriarchy, these women were intentionally written out of history, and their direct connection to the Divine through Herbology, Sexuality, and Earthen Ritual was demonized. 


As a living archetype, the Priestess is a representation of a crucial aspect of our humanity. She is very much alive to this day, and is in fact returning in great numbers through many women all around the globe. She is awakening again through our conscious activism, our heartfelt service for the Whole, and our spiritual awakening. She is here to help us usher in a Golden Dawn. And it is through our remembrances of Her that She brings new life. 


The Priestess lies within us, both literally and archetypically, as an embodiment of the Goddess, in service to the cosmos and the Earth. It is She who crosses the veils between both worlds, the visible and the invisible. With one eye she watches the Wild, and with the other, the people.


She is here again now to re-member re-awaken your Divine destiny...and to give your Soul a voice.

Will you heed Her call?

Welcome to Temple

Welcome to the Order of the Rose


Anoint your Sacred Heart & Body Temple. Reclaim your Spiritual Sovereignty. Reunite in Sisterhood.

This Sacred Feminine Temple & Mystery School is specifically dedicated to the Rosa Mystica Lineage, as anchored by the energies of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Isis, Hathor, Sirius & Venus, and Atlantis & Lemuria. It also holds the teachings of the Sacred Masculine as anchored by Yeshua, Osiris, the Grael Templars & the Maitreya, as they act as Spiritual Protectors of this Sacred Feminine Temple.

~All those who carry heart-felt devotion to the Sacred Feminine in any form are welcome here. 

~All those who are curious to learn more about what resides in their own heart, are welcome here. 

~All those who identify as Female or nonconforming are welcome here (unless otherwise specified). Ages 9+ with adult

Magdalene Mystics

As Sisters of the Rose, we are devoted to our own sovereign

Power | Truth | Wisdom

All offerings start this spring 2020

Claim your Power | Reawaken your Truth

Magdalene Womb 

Devotional Temple

Reclaiming of Power

Yin Yoga | Self Care Spa | Shamanic Journeying | Womb Dreaming

New Moons

Magdalene Heart Devotional Temple

Devoting to Truth

Sacrament | Blessings | Song | Anointing | Meditation | Gospel of Mary Magdalene | Earth Offerings | Holy Day Rituals

Sundays TBD

Magdalene Mind Devotional Temple

Awakening the Higher Mind 

Crystal Bowls | Sophia Codes | Light Language | Meditation | Divination

Full Moons

Wombyn's Sanctuary

Online & Local Temple Space Membership

Looking for a loving, intimate space to be nurtured in sisterhood?

Longing for a soft space to land when you are on your bleeding time or needing emotional support?

We provide monthly subscriptions for use of our gorgeous, equipped, local Wombyn's Sanctuary, as well as our online forum.

Join us in sisterhood! 

Rose Priestess Healing Temple

Open to all local community *Co-ed

Light Activations | Laying on of Hands | Energy Medicine | Sacred Music

Time TBD

Budding Roses Circle

Young Women ages 11-17

Authentic Movement | Share Circle | Crafts | Healthy Snacks

Time TBD

Grael Kings & Queens

Sacred Union *Co-ed 

Contact Improv | Healing Touch | Sacred Music

Time TBD

Community Offerings

As Sisters of the Rose, we are devoted to our paths of purpose and service to the whole

 Upcoming Mystery School Trainings


More info coming soon...2020/2021

Isis Initiation 

Claim your Power | Reawaken your Truth

Are you ready to be initiated on your path as an ecstatic Priestess?

Be guided through the 7 gateways of awakening the Sacred Feminine Within. Engage these 7 steps of unraveling your true essence, and coming home to the Divine goddess within.

Coming this Summer...

Soul &Power Retrieval

Reclaim your Essence | Reclaim your Power

3 days of intentional reclamation of your unique soul's essence and power.

We will learn the ancient arts of shamanic journeying for soul & power retrieval on self or other.

We will journey into the Womb of Sophia, and relink the soul dream of Her womb to the soul dream of our own.

We will spend time in nature, connecting to the Soul of Gaia.

Coming Soon...

Become a Walking Devotion of Love

Are you ready devote yourself over again to the Sacred Trinity of Wisdom, Truth, and Power within you? Are you ready to walk as love?

Each day we will experience a luxurious day-long Temple dedicated to each of our inner flames~ Womb, Heart, Mind

We will energetically relink the 3 flames of the Magdalene from within us

We will re-activate our voices of Truth

We will be guided in beautiful Yin Yoga Practices, self care spas

We will eat delicious organic, local foods

We will spend time outdoors connecting the the power of the land

We will receive sound healing activations through light language, crystal bowls, and song

Coming soon...

Magdalene Mystics

Weekend Immersion