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What is a Mystery School?

Reforming Education

In the 'old' days, education was done very differently! It's our mystery school's mission to offer these old ways again, in a style that is relevant to our present cultural context.  

Our primary methods of teaching are through inner wisdom, relationship, and direct experience. This is in high contrast to the westernized education of today, which utilizes methods like memorization, didactic teaching, and indoor classroom settings. 


We, and our mentors, have found that the ways of gnostic teaching yield a long-term and meaningful education, that is directly valuable and relatable to each individual's path. 

Through our Mystery School offerings, we provide content, healings & classes that invite you into self-reflection and self-empowerment. We provide teachings that invite you into personal creativity and ritual, and we provide services that unleash your power and inner vision. Our initiations provide potent containers for self-growth, connection to Ascended Masters, and the re-awakening of one's inner knowing.


May they serve you well.

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