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Full Moon

Medicine Journey

Sound Journey & Shamanic Healing

“Caves of the Goddess”

December 9th, 7-8:30pm

Come Gather under the light of the Full Moon!

 Through a ceremony of sound vibration, Shardai will lovingly guide you into Sacred Space– a beautiful healing cocoon where our normal constructs of space & time dissolve into the Now, and we re-member ourselves as whole again.

The doors will open for you to access your own spiritual guidance, and receive cellular-level healing & clearing of whatever is weighing you down. Shardai will channel multiple Ascended Masters, Goddesses & Cosmic Elders, anchoring eons of supportive energy into the room specifically for your healing. On this moon’s journey we will visit the cave of the Magdalene.

Shardai is a Shamanic Teacher & Healer in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross-Cultural Shamanism, and a Priestess Initiate in the Rose lineage. This is a taste of her private healing program: Ancient Alchemy of the Soul. 

~Anything you need to be comfortable lying down for up to an hour. A comfortable mat, knee bolster, blankets, pillow, eye cover, etc.
~Water bottle
~Crystal or medicine item to be charged in the frequencies
~Outfit that is an expression of your Whole Self


$20 with a friend(s) 



The Next Us

525 N. Cascade Ave

Colorado Springs, CO


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Light Your Prayers

Shamanic Solstice Ritual

December 21st 1-3pm


Join Sacred Center Sanctuary in a beautiful, Earth-honoring proclamation of love this Solstice. As the light starts to turn inward, what's needed to feed your soul over these dark wintery months?

Join us in Sacred Celebration, including the making and ritual burning of a Peruvian Despacho, sharing of song & story, drinking of hot cider, and gathering in a community of love. This event is open to all peoples, and to all the unseen ones and ancestors as well.

Despacho is the Spanish word for a ritual offering made with reverent intention in sacred reciprocity (ayni) for that which has been given to us. After we create this community prayer bundle, we will offer it to the fire, lighting our prayers and and igniting their manifestation.

*This is a ritual that was given to myself & others by the founder of the (PMT) Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of cross-cultural shamanism –don Oscar Miro-Quesada, respected kamasqa curandero and altomisayoq adept from Peru.


WHAT TO BRING: Any small sound-makers, a water bottle (no plastic please), proper attire for the outdoors portion, and Ceremonial attire if you wish.
*DESPACHO SUGGESTED ITEMS: Something small that you have created (picture, poem, etc.). Something that represents the light of your solstice prayer as we head into the darkness.  Anything else you wish to contribute, that is small and non-toxic.
*Note: These items will be added to the despacho and not returned to you.

WE PROVIDE: all other Despacho ingredients, indoor seating, handouts & hot cider.

$10-20 Suggested Donation

$25 Families


The Next Us

525 N. Cascade Ave

Colorado Springs, CO


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Activate your 2020 Vision

Yin Yoga & Sound Journeying

The year 2020, is said to provide potent cosmic energy to assist in life-altering transformations, and catalyze our spiritual ascension. 2019 was the year of transition– laying the foundation and preparing us for this new energy and movement toward the light.

So as we give thanks and say goodbye to all that we have left behind in 2019, we turn our attention towards this energetic portal of light being offered to us by the cosmos.

Through the combined magic of Yin Yoga and Sound Journeying, we will cross the threshold into the New Year with focused intentions and a new sense of possibility. Amanda & Shardai will invite you to lay down any dense energies you are carrying from 2019 at the foot of the threshold, and step into your perfect 2020 vision for the year to come.

Together we will deepen into the forgotten inner realms of body & soul.

First –in a candlelit Yin Yoga flow and meditation with Amanda– we will stretch our own capacities for surrender, and we will release emotional wounds stored deep in the cells of our bodies. The deeper physical work of Yin Yoga practice, combined with compassionate contemplation, can help to release these unsettling and disruptive patterns and promote freedom and well-being in body, heart, and mind.

Second –through a Priestess-led Sound Journey with Shardai– we will be guided deep into the realms of soul, assisted by the enchanting sounds of gemstone singing bowls, shamanic percussion, and voice. Here we will listen deeply, receive our 3 seeds of light for the New Year, and plant them deeply within us - with the intention to activate them fully through the coming year.

After this powerful evening of reconnection, you are sure to float right out the door with a new sense of lightness, ease, and excitement for the future.

cross the threshold with us…
into the dawning of a new light…
spread your golden wings…
take flight...

Please Bring:
~Anything you need for your yoga practice: yoga mat & blankets, water bottle...**
~Anything you need for your sound journey (laying down): extra blankets, pillow, eye cover, knee bolster, etc.
~Crystal or medicine item* to be amplified in the frequencies of our collectively created altar, and to take home with you to help integrate the experience.
*This will a part of our ritual, so please be sure to bring something :)
**A limited amount of mats and blankets will be available.

Your Guides:
~As a channel for greater awareness and change, Amanda has a passion for assisting her clients in connecting with the sacred space within. She is the owner and founder of Journey with Yin, offering a variety of healing art modalities to bring balance back to the body. She currently teaches a range of weekly yoga classes at FitBody Studio. Amanda is also a guide for sacred ceremonies and a co-facilitator of the Colorado Springs Red Tent women's circle. You can find more information at

~Shardai is the founder of Sacred Center Sanctuary, a Sacred Arts Mystery School & Private Healing Arts Practice. She guides Full Moon Medicine Journeys, monthly Shamanic Rituals, private Threshold Ceremonies & Transformative Alchemy Programs. Book a Free Discovery Call to find out how you can continue to clear the heaviness holding you back and re-awaken your inner Magical Genius.

Heart Contribution:
$35 – Register by 12/25
$40 –12/26 – at the door



The Next Us

May 2020 provide us all with perfect inner vision, balanced togetherness, and the radiance of our inner magic.

Join us!

So much love,
Shardai & Amanda