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525 N. Cascade

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Full Moon

Sophia Sound Temple

A Goddess CodesActivation


March 9th, 7-8:30pm

Come Gather under the light of the Full Moon!

 Through a ceremony of sound vibration, Shardai will lovingly guide you into Sacred Space– a beautiful healing cocoon where our normal constructs of space & time dissolve into the Now, and we re-member ourselves as whole again.

The doors will open for you to access your own spiritual guidance, and receive cellular-level healing & clearing of whatever is weighing you down. Shardai will channel the light codes of the Goddess Sophia– She who accesses the great web of Ascended Masters, Goddesses & Cosmic Elders– and anchor eons of supportive energy into the room specifically for your healing. 

On this moon’s journey we will be supported in our own process of becoming...

Shardai is a Shamanic Teacher & Healer in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross-Cultural Shamanism, and a Priestess Initiate of the Rose lineage. This is a taste of her private healing program: Inner Alchemy of the Soul.

~Anything you need to be comfortable lying down for up to an hour. A comfortable mat, knee bolster, blankets, pillow, eye cover, etc.
~Water bottle
~Crystal or medicine item to be charged in the frequencies
~Outfit that is an expression of your Whole Self




The Next Us

525 N. Cascade Ave

Colorado Springs, CO

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