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Any presence seen or unseen that requires an attitude of reverence, a perception of wonder, and an acknowledgement of the interwoven threads of creation. It is the I AM. It is YOU; transformed and initiated into the truth of who you really are. It is the Divine mattering on Earth.


A point of stillness, of peace, of quiet presence, of perfectly balanced harmony. It is the double helix spiral upon which the universe spins; the still point from which all movement originates. It is the dynamic pulse of life. It is the center pole of truth upon which all transformation is anchored, and upon which all opposites unify.


The physical space where healing occurs; where reverence is externalized. It is the abode of the sacred, holding you in the purity of your sacred center. It is the embrace of unconditional love and safety; the womb of our Great Mother. It is the alchemical crucible in which transformation takes place, in which you are Re-membered into wholeness all-ways.


If you find these words speaking to a deep place within you... if you find yourself leaning in with curiosity, or pulling away with discomfort... you are Welcome to explore my heart offerings on this site.

~ Shardai


Are you a local Colorado resident, who is struggling to find a grounded, more soulful approach to Spirituality, and who is desiring classes and events in which to explore this in?

Healing Arts

Are you a Cultural Evolutionary, Change-Maker, Spiritual Seeker, or Budding Practitioner, needing support to do your own internal healing work, so that you can show up in a more resourced and authentic way as you assist others?

Mystery School

Are you someone with a sense of Great purpose, wanting to come out of hiding and shine the radiance of your secret Mystical Self, yet are longing for a mentor and guide to help you reveal and live into your Sacred Purpose in the world with confidence?


In honor of the generations to come,
and of my teachers who came before me:

don Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo: Lineage Holder & Founder, Pachakuti Mesa        Tradition of Cross-Cultural Shamanism

Ray Nobriga, Valerie Magdalena: Sanctioned Teachers, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition,  Sanctuary at Mt. Shasta.

Ariel Spilsbury: Lineage Holder & Founder, 13 Moon Mystery School

Elayne Kalila Sophia: 13 Moon Focalizer, Founder & Facilitator of Priestess Presence  Mystery School

Achintya Devi & Ameya Cohen: Temple Guides, Priestesses of the Rose, Priestesses of the Moon

Jon Young: Lineage Holder, 8 Shields Deep Nature Connection

Dave Hage, Lauren Dalberth, Will Scott: Founders & Facilitators, Weaving Earth  Center for Relational Education

Phyllis Bala: Curandera & Medicine Pipe Carrier, Medicine Wheel Program for  Ancestral Healing

Five Branches University: Traditional Chinese Medicine Professors

Coe College: Nursing Department

"WHAT an incredible experience! Shardai is powerful, compassionate and created a safe place to share my intention and practice healing WITH her. Can't recommend her more!"

Justin K./ Yoga Teacher & Healer / Level 1 Healing Client

"There are no words to describe the spiritual journey she took me on.
I am just in awe of her and her practice."

Chanta S. / Level 1 Healing Client

"WOW! and a beautiful, humbling experience 🌸✨💜🙏"

Priscilla R. / Level 1 Healing Client


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